Chianti Classico Tenuta Sant'Alfonso 2005- Rocca delle Macìe: finally a great Chianti!

Sadly we are used to many horrible waterish Chianti that invade the wine market...many bad wines that are spoiling the name of (probably) the most famous Italian wine in the world. For luck it's also possible to find nice, elegant Chianti wines which have nothing in common with those straw-covered bottles that you can find in the souvenir shops...

That's the case of Tenuta Sant'Alfonso, the basic Chianti of Rocca delle Macìe winery. Vintage 2005 has a nice, inviting ruby red...a fresh note of juicy, "crunchy" berries is coming to our nose, together with pepperish spices in a background of a balsamic perfume. Tasting is dominated by freshness and acidity...that's exactly what we would expect from a Sangiovese (the vine of Chianti), but with a component of roundness which donates the necessary balance to the wine.

Let's try it with a typical lasagna made with a juicy heavy meat sauce...
Price in Italian wine stores: 12 euros
Price abroad: about 20 USD

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