Pinot Nero Cornell 2004 - Colterenzio: Elegance near the Alps

Colterenzio is an association of winemakers, in the region of Bolzano, not very far from the border with Austria. We are in a mountains region and weather here is different from any other part of Italy. The high difference betwen the lowest and the highest temperature in a 24h period represents a perfect micro-climate for a difficult vine like Pinot Noir.

Pinot Nero Cornell 2004 has a bright ruby red...elegant nose with a balsamic note,mixed with a delicate perfume of red flowers and spices such as coriander and cumin...splendid acidity in the mouth, together with adeguate roundness and a sapid note which makes the persistence longer...

I'd match it with pork steaks spiced with fennel seeds.
Price in Italian wine stores: 23 euros
Price abroad: about 35 USD

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