Frascati Superiore Santa Teresa 2006 - Fontana Candida: a new concept of Frascati

Forget about the waterish, tasteless Frascati wine you lately tasted in your last trip to Italy. Now you can actually have a good wine from Rome's countryside.

Santa Teresa 2006 surprises us with its bright straw yellow creating tears inside the glass; an aromatic note, coming from indigenous variety Malvasia Puntinata, brings our mind to memories of green fileds, full of white flowers....other parfums make bouquet richer...yellow peach, camomile and an interesting note of sage. The wine has a warm, round entrance to the mouth...we taste all of the 13.5% of alcohol but the round body is well balanced by an adeguate acidity and, expecially, by an elegant note of sapidity which takes us all along the tasting...

I wouldnt waste the elegance and the complexity of this wine on a simple seafruit pasta...my perfect match would be on white meat...or maybe a delicious filet of lake fish...passed into flour and cooked with capers and dill.

7 Euros is the price of a bottle of Santa Teresa once it comes out from the winery...in Italian wine stores you can find it for about 10 euros...a bit more when exported abroad.

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