Gravello 2005 - Librandi: the beauty of Calabria

Another great red from Southern Italy...this time we are in Cirò Marina - Calabria. Librandi winery since many years is keeping the quality of regional wine production very high...the winemaker of this winery is Donato Lanati, one of the best and most famous in Italy, who fights since years, for wines which can express personality and identity of their own territories...

Their best wine is called Gravello (Gaglioppo 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%), whose vintage 2005 is not disappointing the expectations...dark wine...in the color (deep,dense rubin) as much as in the nose...fine recalls of mature blackberries, plums, balsamic herbs are very recognizable...tasting is characterized by silky elegant tannins and by a wonderful balance betwen roundness and mineral note in the end...

Great match with roe deer meat

Price in Italian wine stores: 24 euro.

Price abroad: around 32 euros (northern Europe)

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Diane Letulle said...

I like your blog too. I would love to learn more about Italian wine, so I'll check back in. Cheers!