Mater Matuta 2004 - Casale del Giglio: a great red wine from Latium

Probably it's true...this wine is not the most typical red wine from this region...I mean that it does not express really the territory where it comes from. Mater Matuta is a Syrah 85% and Petit Verdot 15% and it's made thinking about a modern way of drinking wine...rounder, softer, maybe easier to understand and not so loved by Italian (or French) traditional producers...lets say that its made with an eye to the market...American and Australian way of drinking, influenced by certain type of press like Wine Spectator, started loving wines with full round body, that dont necessary need to be matched with any food and give you an easy, complete satisfaction...

After this necessary introduction we must admit that Mater Matuta reaches picks of elegance and complexity that not so many red wines produced in the zones around Rome can reach...From the deep rubin, until the muscular, elegant body, with soft, gentle tannins, passing through extraordinay fine notes of mature cherries, sweet spices, tobacco and leather...I would actually underline also a very persistant backtaste which takes us with its graphite and balsamic notes....

We already said that this wine is "enough to itself" but it would be even better to match it with some guinea fowl, cooked with laurel leaves.

Price in Italian wine stores: 25/30 euros

Price abroad: around 33 euros

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